We founded 5th Axis in 2004 initially as CNC job shop that catered to a vast array of industries such as aerospace, military, medical and commercial. As our experience with a broad spectrum of 3, 4 and 5 axis parts grew, we persisted through the challenges that are required of manufacturing many different parts on a daily basis. We discovered there was a void for robust workholding that could withstand these complex and ever evolving challenges. We concluded there was a need in the industry for an affordable, reliable and flexible workholding system that could be not only an economical solution for prototype parts but also be a high volume production remedy for orders that low bidder has been awarded and urgently need to find a way to save time, cost and material.

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YG-1 Uncoated High Polished Inserts For Non-Ferrous / Aluminum

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YG-1 Announces Their New Uncoated High Polished Inserts For Non-Ferrous / Aluminum. Now in Stock At YG-1 US. 15% Off
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